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Více obyčejně známý jako E = mc2, tento vzorec vyjadřuje, kolik energie je obsažen v objektu stojícího s hmotností vzhledem k rovině reference. Když hmota je pryč převede na energie, a energie může ...

Domain: Physics; Categoría: Nuclear & particle physics

The study of the constants that compose the universe: Ratio, proportion, functions, change, etc. Mathematics is the language that the universe is written in and the law that it abides by. You don't ...

Domain: Mathematics; Categoría: General mathematics

The form of logic that forms the heart of modern computer technology and algorithms. It deals with truths and whether statements are true or not.

Domain: Mathematics; Categoría: Algebra

A strip with only one side and one boundary. It is formed by taking a strip of paper, twisting one end by 180 degrees, and then joining it to the other end.

Domain: Mathematics; Categoría: Geometry

Technically impossible, division by zero is generally taken to mean getting the limit of a function as the divisor approaches zero. Note that dividing by exactly zero is impossible.

Domain: Mathematics; Categoría: General mathematics

Conic sections are the intersection of a cone with a flat plane. These have various uses, from parabolas being effective focuses of rays, to ovals which can transmit information from one focus to ...

Domain: Mathematics; Categoría: Geometry

A beauty found in simplicity and found when things fall into place just right, such as in Euler's Identity and as found in Sacred Geometry. Currently proven to have positive neurological effects on ...

Domain: Mathematics; Categoría: General mathematics

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