Términos de Zhangjie

yuan convertibility

Servicios financieros; Cambio de moneda

A currency's convertibility determines the ability of an individual, corporate or government to convert its local currency to another currency or vice versa with or without ...


Venta al por menor; Establecimientos de venta al por menor

A Chinese term for mad shopping which was originally borrowed from the English pronunciation for "shopping". It literally means bloody fight and is used to describe mad shopping ...

wind farm

Energía; Energía eólica

A wind farm is an outdoor power plant that converts wind power into electricity. Wind farms are usually found in flat, wide open, and scarcely populated fields where there is a ...

Collected Terms

CCTV Tower

Arquitectura; Postmodernist architecture; Rascacielos

The CCTV Tower is a super-tall arch-shaped skyscraper located in the Central Business District of Beijing, China. Designed by Rem Koolhaas and Ole Scheeren of OMA, the signature ...