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Of or realting to the reproductive part of a flowering plant. The flower facilitates the unification of sperm and eggs. Also, flowers are used by humans as decoration, romance, ritual, religion, medicine, and food source.

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A papery "sooty" black layer over the seed of plants in the Asparagales, which includes agaves, aloes, onions and hyacinths.


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El plato de celula formado durante la division de celulas.


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Tejido conductoras de nutrientes de las plantas vasculares.


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One of the outer appendages of a flower, located between the outer sepals and the stamens. Petals often display bright colors that serve to attract pollinators.


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A set of cells or cell parts which surround the opening of a moss sporangium. In many mosses, they are sensitive to humidity, and will alter their shape to aid in spore dispersal.


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The sepals and petals of a flower are together called the perianth; literally "around the anthers".


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Una planta que crece después de que ha reproducido, lo que generalmente significa que vive desde hace varios años.

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