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Spaghetti cooked in tomato sauce. This is actually a traditional Italian food, but spaghetti can be cooked in many recipes in all countries of the world. In Greece too. Thus recipe is following : We boil spaghetti first of course, prefering thin fine spaghetti of wheat, and prepare sauce: We use two-three squeezed tomatoes for sauce, which we put in a casserole; then we can cut up to two green peppers in small pieces, an onion and slice of garlic cut to tiny pieces, add also round pieces of carrot, and optional mushrooms of a tin from super market. We add of course up to 3 teaspoonful olive oil,some salt and pepper in sauce, optional. We can serve spaghetti with this sauce, and eat also with grained cheese, any kind, to make it more delecious. This portion is up to 2-3 persons.

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