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The idea of developing a unique approach to each company’s marketing is not new. This is how every large business handles its marketing. After all, if the same approach worked for every business This MAP is key to informing every marketing material handled by LAIRE and should even be shared with your other marketing providers and sales team to make sure all messaging is in sync. Our MAP focuses on five foundations of your custom marketing plans: 1. Company Goals When we discuss your company goals, it is a matter of understanding what you want to get out of our work together. This goal is generally tied to top-line revenue and can guide us in knowing exactly how much it is going to take to help you reach those goals within our ability as your online marketing partner. It will guide our conversion goals and web traffic goals, which ultimately informs our ad budget recommendations, social post frequency, and blog writing frequency. 2. Buyer Personas Identifying and getting to know your ideal buyer personas is vital to attracting the best clients to your website and landing pages. This stage is the most research-intensive phase of developing your MAP. We typically develop three to five buyer personas. To develop the personas, we interview your actual best clients. We learn about their lifestyle, purchasing habits, pain points that lead them to you, why they chose you against the competition, demographics, psychographics and more. The information gained will inform the content plan and marketing channels used to target the right type of client for your business. 3. Strategic Messaging Your ideal buyer persona’s pains/problems/challenges become the basis for all our positioning and messaging about your business and product offerings. This strategic messaging will use their exact wording in a question form, with how your solution can fix that pain point for them. This messaging can be used in blogs, website product pages, blog topics, social posts, fliers, brochures and other non-digital media. Ideal buyer personas will be revisited periodically as trends shift and buyers’ habits change. 4. Your Solution Positioning your products and services around the specific pains/problems/challenges of your ideal client is key to being able to grow your business. The message of providing a solution is only valuable if you are actually providing that solution. Sometimes this is an eye-opening moment where a business can find there are some slight adjustments to make to their offering to maximize effectiveness and delight their ideal clients even further. 5. Your Differentiators Once your products and services are fine-tuned to meet the specific needs identified by our client persona research, it is time to find the differentiating factor. What makes you remarkable? What is going to make your ideal client choose you over the competition? Is it your commitment to customer service? Is it your superior product? Is it your long-term experience? Is it your big success stories? Is it a specific stat? We’ll help you discover this through persona research and we’ll ultimately craft this “remarkable” into all your messaging for maximizing conversions.

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