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A timed race were the skier has to navigate through a set course of gates in the fastest time possible. There are different events within ski racing such as Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super G, and ...

Domain: Sports; Category: Sporting events

A form of skiing typically through a terrain park. Also called free skiing. Free skiing involves tricks over and through terrain park features, such as rails boxes and jumps. The terrain park ...

Domain: Sports; Category: Multiple sports

The act of skiing backwards down the hill. Often used in the freestyle skiing world to describe a trick when someone skis off a jump backwards.

Domain: Sports; Category: Alpine skiing

Used to describe a trick done while in the air. The 360 is when a person does a full spin around (a full 360 degree spin). There are larger spins that are described by the amount of degrees you spin. ...

Domain: Sports; Category: Alpine skiing

A freestyle skier who specializes in doing tricks on rails and boxes. A 'jib' is an obstacle to do tricks on. Such as anything from a box in the snow to a staircases handrail.

Domain: Sports; Category: Alpine skiing

A form of skiing were the skier will be skiing off of the groomed runs. Sometimes called off piste skiing or free skiing. Freeriding is skiing the un-groomed trails typically through difficult and ...

Domain: Sports; Category: Alpine skiing

An accumulation of freshly fallen snow on the mountain. Usually six inches or more of snow that has fallen giving the skiers a feeling of skiing "untouched" snow.

Domain: Sports; Category: Alpine skiing

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