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Mergers and acquisitions in business can be friendly or hostile. In a hostile takeover, the acquirer attempts to acquire the target company either by a tender offer or a proxy fight to replace the management. This Blossary attempts to shed more light on the meaning of hostile takeovers and defense strategies.

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Por um curto período de tempo, você pode envolver o licitante de fato jurídico, desafiando a validade da aquisição; ajudando assim, a gestão da empresa-alvo para ganhar tempo para outras estratégias ...

Domain: Business services; Categoría: Mergers & acquisitions

Often used in risk arbitrage. Technique used by an acquiring company to attempt to gain control of a takeover target. The acquirer tries to persuade the shareholders of the target company that the ...

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The individual or company that is purchasing the stock of a Target company in stock purchase or the assets in an asset purchase, or the company which is acquiring a Target by means of a merger.

Domain: Banking; Categoría: Mergers & acquisitions Collected Term

A firm that is the object of a takeover by another firm.

Domain: Financial services; Categoría: General Finance Collected Term

Acquisition when the initial bid was unsolicited, the target was not seeking a merger at the time of the approach, the approach was contested by the target’s management, and control changed hands.

Domain: Banking; Business services; Categoría: Mergers & acquisitions Collected Term

To protect the interests of stockholders from budding acquirer(s), there are different strategies that can be implemented. Here are some combat strategies, which a company can implement, in case of a ...

Domain: Business services; Categoría: Mergers & acquisitions

Repurchase by a company of shares acquired by a raider, with a view to preventing a complete takeover. Usually involves payment of a price considerably above the market value of the shares involved.

Domain: Banking; Categoría: Investment banking Collected Term

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