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Digital photo frame

A picture frame that stores and displays digital photos, eliminating the need to print physical copies.

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Digital photo frame

medios de comunicación

Electrónica de consumo; Marco de fotos digital

Material, or devices, used to store, or transmit information. In digital photography and computing terms, media may include memory expansion cards, CDs, or hard disk drives. Media, such as memory ...

IEEE 1394

Electrónica de consumo; Marco de fotos digital

Also known as "iLink", or "IEEE1394"; a communications protocol, originally developed by Apple Computer, Inc., allowing video and audio data to be transmitted, over a single cable, at very high ...


Electrónica de consumo; Marco de fotos digital

A trademark of Xerox Corporation, Inc.; a type of network for connecting computers and other devices together, at speeds of 10, or 100 Mbps (otherwise known as "Fast Ethernet").

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