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Of or relating to the fees charged by a government on a product, income, or activity; and also to the system by which they are successfully levied.

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Contabilidad; Impuesto

an amount of money that is given to sb regularly or for a particular purpose


Contabilidad; Impuesto

estar disponible fácilmente y en grandes cantidades

fecha de vencimiento

Contabilidad; Impuesto

The date on which a loan, mortgage, bond, etc is due and any outstanding principal must be paid

valor contable de un activo

Contabilidad; Impuesto

book value of an asset is the asset's cost less accumulated depreciation.

costes directos

Contabilidad; Impuesto

Costs directly related to conversion of raw materials into product Includes raw materials, direct labor and variable overhead

debida diligencia

Contabilidad; Impuesto

The thorough investigation of a potential acquisition candidate, real estate investment, etc Often used to refer to the investigation of a company for an initial public offering


Contabilidad; Impuesto

A person to whom property is entrusted to hold, control, or manage for another The fiduciary of a trust is the person who is legally responsible for managing the assets of the trust in a competent ...

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