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Based on "Glossary of environmental education terms", promoted on the Intergovernmental Conference on Environmental Education (Tbilissi, USSR, 1977) and recommended by Unesco for standardization of environmental education terminology through the compilation of a multilingual glossary. Printed In Hungary by the National Centre for Educational Technology, © Unesco 1983

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Dichiarazione della Conferenza intergovernativa sull'educazione ambientale-mentale, Tbilisi, 1977. La dichiarazione sui principi e strategie di educazione ambientale nel mondo contemporaneo.

Domain: Environment; Categoria: Environmental policy

1977 年政府间就环境保护教育问题在第比利斯召开会议发表的声明。声明了当代世界环境保护教育的原则和策略。

Domain: Environment; Categoria: Environmental policy

L'intero complesso di caratteristiche fisiche e chimiche dell'ambiente inorganico che influenza l'organismo.

Domain: Environment; Categoria: Environmental policy


Domain: Environment; Categoria: Environmental policy

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