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Este breve glosario contiene algunos términos útiles para los periodistas bilingües en español/inglés.

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A page-turner (or "page turner") is a book so captivating the reader can't put it down. He or she turns one page after another. The term often refers to a popular novel or bestseller.

Domain: Literature; Category: Bestsellers

An undercover journalist is a reporter or member of the press who gathers information in secret. He or she may assume an alternative identity or identities during the course of investigating, ...

Domain: News service; Category: Journalism

According to Merriam-Webster, when "press" is used in a journalistic context it can refer to "news reporters, publishers, and broadcasters." However, when used as a verb, "press" means to push, ...

Domain: Printing & publishing; Category: Newspaper

The term "drug trafficker" is often used in the context of law enforcement to describe a person involved in the illegal transport, exchange or sale of narcotics or other contraband substances.

Domain: Law enforcement; Category: Drug trafficking

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