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Archibabble is used to describe the overly expressive, pretencious words used by many architects within the architecture field. The word is a play on the words architecture and babble.

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Humblebrag is a statement that purports to be self-effacing but in fact reveals a person's wealth or importance. It can be seen heavily on social media where these messages can be shown to a larger ...

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Is a government issued form of permission to enter and stay in a certain country. A visa is for a non citizen to enter the visa issuing countries territory. Not all countries require visas and some ...

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The Friday after Thanksgiving, and the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. The day's name originated in Philadelphia, where it originally was used to describe the heavy and disruptive ...

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Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers (ISPs) should enable access to all content and applications equally, regardless of the source, without favouring or blocking particular ...

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The Phoenix Towers are proposed 3,280-foot (1,000 meter) supertall skyscrapers planned for construction in Wuhan, China. Making their marks not only for becoming the world's tallest buildings in ...

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Usually used as a condinment with french fries and other junk food, on the last day of October people all over the world do not hesitate to smear the red table sauce made from tomatoes, sugar, ...

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People use parts of the Deep Web every day, including the dark web. However, most people cannot access this content without special software or an encrypted network. dark web sites

01:49, 3 November 2022


Tor is a free download and uses a network of encrypted servers. This encryption process slows down the processing of data but helps protect it from being traced. dark web links

01:44, 3 November 2022


Dark web sites often use Tor and I2P, which stand for "Invisible Internet Project". It attracts political dissidents, abuse victims, and whistleblowers who are afraid of the consequences of their actions. dark web

01:39, 3 November 2022


A study published in 2015 by researchers at King's College London classified 2,723 live dark web sites and found that 57% hosted illicit material. deep web

01:35, 3 November 2022


The dark web presents a challenge to national governments and law enforcement authorities. It has introduced a new channel for illicit global arms trafficking. dark web links

01:29, 3 November 2022


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