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The glossary contains some general key concepts from philosophy.

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The view that there are some types of action that are strictly prohibited by morality, no matter what the specific facts are in particular case. Some have held, for example, that the intentional ...

Domain: Philosophy; Category: General philosophy

Behaviorism is used in somewhat different senses in psychology and philosophy. In psychology, behaviorism was a twentieth-century movement that maintained that the study of behavior is the best or ...

Domain: Philosophy; Category: General philosophy

A conditional is a kind of statement that is made out of two others. The normal form of the statement is "If P then Q." P is the antecendt and Q the consequent. "If P, Q" and "Q, if P" are stylistic ...

Domain: Philosophy; Category: Logic

The cosmos is the universe considered as an integrated orderly system. Sometimes the cosmos is the orderly part of a larger whole, the other part being chaos. Any account of the origin of the ...

Domain: Philosophy; Category: General philosophy

Deductivism is the thesis that science should focus solely on deductive arguments rather than inductive arguments because there is no good response to the problem of induction. Deductivism is most ...

Domain: Philosophy; Category: General philosophy

The term dualism has a number of uses in philosophy, but perhaps the most common is to describe positions on the mind-body problem that hold that the mind cannot be identified with the body or part ...

Domain: Philosophy; Category: General philosophy

Deontology is the study of ethical concepts having to do with permissibility and impermissibility, e.g., rights, duties, and obligations. See deontological ethics.

Domain: Philosophy; Category: Ethics

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