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Frutas y verduras; Frutas

The large, dark-green, slightly acidic and pulpy flesh of the fruit of a small West Indies tree called the soursop. Also called "guanabana."

dátil chino

Frutas y verduras; Frutas

A leathery skinned, olive-sized fruit that ranges from red, to off-white, to black, depending on the variety. It has a rather dry flesh that tastes somewhat like a prune. Also known as "Chinese ...


Frutas y verduras; Frutas

Una calabaza de verano popular con una carne grisáceo con un sabor ligero, algo soso. Calabacín puede ser cocidos al vapor, a la plancha, salteados, fritos y horneados.


Frutas y verduras; Frutas

These are the largest of the wild berries, up to 1" long when mature. Look for plump, deep colored berries without hulls. (If hulls are present, the berries were picked too early and will be tart.) ...

arándano agrio

Frutas y verduras; Frutas

Una baya roja brillante de la familia del brezo. Alrededor del 70% del cultivo proviene de la zona de Cape Cod. Debido a su acidez, son a menudo combinados con otras frutas y utilizados en salsas ...


Frutas y verduras; Frutas

Also called "Cherimoya" and "Bullock's Heart," this tropical fruit tastes like a cross between pineapple, mango, and strawberry. The flesh is cream-colored and has the texture of firm custard.

baya de gota

Frutas y verduras; Frutas

Una variedad de vid que se arrastra de blackberry.

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